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CX50 JR Cobra has heaped improvements on its smallest racer, making it more reliable, better suspended, and easier to ride. Topping the list is an all new rear shock and upside down front forks. This combo will allow junior to handle the roughest of terrain. The frame also receives several updates that reduce weight and add strength. To top it all off, the JR receives engine improvements, and it has an all new look. CX50 SR Before the first cobra 50 was introduced in 1994, young racers had to take the track with bikes that were better suited for someones backyard. Nearly twenty years later, the Cobra King 50 remains at the top of its class with a host of improvements that will ensure this bike retains its premier standing. CX65 Cobra is committed to producing the best 65cc motor crosser period. Now cobra is proud to announce the worlds first direct-acting electronically controlled power valve two-stroke engine. Furthermore, shifting is greatly improved with the advent of a new shift mechanism, and an all new front brake system provides new levels of power and modulation for ultimate control.
Augusta Speed Shop is an authorized dealer for Cobra Motorcycles.   Cobra motorcycles are absolutely THE BEST youth motocross bikes in the world!
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