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2014 Cobra CX50 JR Highlights Revolutionary CARD 32mm fully adjustable “Smart Leg” front fork – Cobra’s all-new 32mm USD CARD fork is designed exclusively for the 50cc application...it's not just a shortened version of a fork meant for a larger bike! The Smart architecture simultaneously provides supple action over small bumps, and progressive control through the biggest of hits…A feature especially important for minicycles that run on tracks torn up by bikes twice their size! This fork also features fully adjustable rebound and compression damping and bottoming control adjustment not found on any other fork of any size! Patented Cobra Friction Drive - no one else has anything close. Cobra's CFD design is easy to maintain, and it offers reduced gear drag and lower rotating inertia. A well-protected driveline and improved traction and suspension action are benefits exclusive to Cobra. The 4Gx clutch assembly receives a refined manufacturing process that improves the precision by which each shoe contacts the basket. The result is more positive drive and faster acceleration. All-new 'easy restart' carburetor vent system greatly aids in restarting after a tip-over. The 2014 JR features the only adjustable piggyback rear shock in its class. Enhancements to the rebound circuit improve rear wheel tracking and rider comfort. An optimal combination of bodywork design, chassis layout, and suspension geometry that lets the CX50 Jr. squeeze out 25mm more suspension travel (front and rear) than its competition. All-new side number panels offer better fit and improved airflow into the airbox. All-new 50mm wide platform foot pegs for improved control and confidence. Works-style hand-made oversized radiator featuring improved strength and cooling. Cobra's "Mag" wheels are lighter weight and stronger than spoked wheels, and as always, maintenance-free! The CX50JR comes equipped with all-new billet triple clamps that offer adjustable bar mounts so the bike can grow with your rider. All-new forged aluminium kick-starter is lighter, tucks in better, and allows for easier starting. All-new forged aluminium rear brake pedal is less prone to damage, increases boot clearance, and provides improved rear brake feel. To top it off, it comes stock with an adjustable tip so big or small feet will feel right at home.
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