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Components Features Benefits
4Gx 3-Shoe Clutch (4th Generation) USD Cartridge Fork Piggyback Canister CARD Rear Shock REAL air filter Largest Air box in Class One-Piece Aluminum Wheels Billet, Wide Footprint Triple Clamp Billet Chain Adjuster Blocks Twin-Spar HSLA rame Cobra Friction Drive 
No plates to warp, Precision, consistent operation Improved fork action and chassis stiffness High and Low Speed Compression and Rebound Adjustment Air filter is mounted in airbox, not on top of air box. More surface area, More protection from dirt Improved breathing. Large pre- carburetor volume greatly improves throttle response Stronger, Lighter Wheels Spreads the clamp load out over a larger area of the fork upper tube Strongest in class High-tech Steel Frame is Lightweight and Offers the Best Combination of Tortional Flexibility and Lateral Stiffness Allows some slip between the crank and rear wheel
Hits as hard at the end of a moto as it does on Lap 1 Inspires confidence over rough terrain Tunable for the rider. No-Fade performance throughout the race Dirt or water that enters airbox cannot make its way into the engine. More power (especially in long motos and dusty off-road events) Power when you need it! Reduced maintenance, improved acceleration and traction over rough terrain. Improved fork action Never DNF from a slipping rear axle again! Excellent straight-line stability and cornering feel - inspires confidence - reduces lap times Longer driveline life (crank, transmission, clutch, chain) and improved drive through rough choppy terrain
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