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The 2013 CX65 certainly shook things up in the world of 65cc motocross. Motocross Action Magazine could not say enough good about the bike. On the engine, they gushed, “The CX65 power plant is a rip-roaring machine built for racing and ready to win. The two-piece cylinder is especially cool.” Furthermore, for the chassis, their observations were equally glowing: ”Often, a sharp handling bike sacrifices stability at speed, but that isn’t the case with the Cobra. It is a jack-of-all-trades, giving up very little across a wide range of situations. Most important, the Cobra CX65 is confidence inspiring, an especially critical quality in a bike designed for a mini rider.” With that kind of review, we could have rested on our laurels and cranked out more of the same motorcycle. Fortunately, for our customers, we decided against that. New for 2014 are improvements in every area of the bike…The front forks are lighter and have more travel, the rear shock is dripping with new technology, and the engine has even more power. To top it all off, the entire rider interface is improved (brakes, shifting, clutch, starting) to inspire even more confidence. All-in-all, the 2014 CX65 is big improvement on an already great bike! 2014 Cobra CX65 Highlights Revolutionary MXT “Smart Leg” front fork – Cobra’s exclusive 37mm USD CARD fork is designed to be the finest fork in minicycle racing! The Smart architecture simultaneously provides supple action over small bumps, and progressive control through the biggest of hits…A feature especially important for minicycles that run on tracks torn up by bikes twice their size! This fork also features fully adjustable rebound and compression damping and bottoming control adjustment not found on any other fork of any size! For 2014 travel is increased by 4mm, the cartridge tubes are hard coated for improved durability and reduced friction, and internals have been lightened to make the fork more agile over high frequency bumps. Super strong front hub/axle combo to compliment the 37mm front fork includes hollow axle and dual-clamping fork bottoms. Works equipment right off the showroom floor! Cobra’s direct-acting electronic power valve is stronger for 2014, and it features improved opening timing for smoother power delivery. The CX65 engine control unit (ECU) features all-new spark curve programming for increased power at high RPM. Pro-Circuit Works Pipe and silencer sounds great and puts out excellent power throughout the RPM range. CARD piggyback rear shock with adjustable rebound, adjustable highspeed compression, and adjustable low-speed compression has been completely revamped for 2014. With the addition of an all-new compression adjustment system and VRS (Variable Rate System) damping technology, the new CX65 will chew up the nastiest terrain you can throw at it. Class-leading twin spar High-Strength Low-Alloy oval tube frame - superstrong, outstanding lateral strength with just the right amount of torsional rigidity. X-Track aluminium swingarm: Aerospace construction technology delivers lightweight and improved rear wheel tracking. Largest air box in its class featuring the largest filter surface area of any 65cc bike out there. The result: More power under the worst of conditions. CARD front brake system. Super adjustable for all sized hands, progressive feel for excellent control, and a tight package for minimal weight and excellent ground clearance. Billet triple clamps with adjustable bar mounts. All-new forged aluminium kick-starter is lighter, tucks in better, and allows for easier starting. All-new forged aluminium rear brake pedal is less prone to damage, increases boot clearance, and provides improved rear brake feel. To top it off, it comes stock with an adjustable tip so big or small feet will feel right at home. All-new forged aluminium shift lever reduces weight, tucks in tighter, and provides better feel of each up and down shift. Improved rear brake calliper and carrier for improved braking precision and increased durability. New rear hub design is lighter weight, makes it easier to install the rear wheel, and provides better protection for the bearings in muddy and sandy conditions. All-new ignition cover provides improved boot clearance and better sealing from the elements.
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