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Power Valve 65cc Engine Power Valve 65cc Engine CARD Smart-Leg 37mm USD Fully Adjustable 225mm Travel Front Forks Pro Circuit Pipe and Silencer Expandable Clutch. Water Cooled Crankcase Largest Air Filter in Class Largest Air Box in Class Indestructible Billet Hubs
Electronic direct computer control of power valve opening and closing. True guillotine valve design seals to the piston when closed and provides smooth exhaust port roof when open. Fully Adjustable Rebound and Compression 37mm, Adjustable Hydraulic Bottoming, Super strong front hub/axle combo to compliment the 37mm front fork includes hollow axle and full- clamp fork bottoms. Improved top end power. New quieter silencer also adds to bottom-end torque delivery. Room for an extra drive and friction plate. More consistent crankcase charge temperatures. Better breathing and filtration. Improved breathing. Large pre- carburetor volume greatly improves throttle response. Stronger Wheels.
Accurate, fast, and reliable control of valve provides consistent power application and eliminates valve flutter at the starting gate for better starts. Drastically improved low speed torque and top-end power. Fully tuneable just like a big bike for each rider with precision giving your maximum performance, Works equipment right off the showroom floor! More usable power when you need it. Quieter overall noise output. More power to the ground for mod and large displacement applications. More power in long motos! More power. (especially in long motos and dusty off-road events) Power when you need it! Reduced maintenance and upgrade costs.
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